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"Writer/ Director Alexandre Ginnsz was a 19-year-old senior student at the New York University Film School when he wrote Duo, his first film. Duo is the moving story of a boy in love with a violinist who sets out to become her accompanist. To lead his film, Alexandre chose a 12-year-old boy with Down syndrome, his brother Stephane, who in 1995 became the first actor with Down syndrome to ever star in a motion picture. Stephane rises to the occasion delivering an astonishing performance cheered by audiences worldwide, and showing everyone that "special" people can be gifted too! Co-starring as the violinist is 12-year-old Eden Riegel, two-time Emmy Award nominee winner and now the star of the popular TV show "All My Children". The chemistry between Stephane and Eden is pure magic. Duo is an ode to love, innocence, and beauty. It is a treat to your eyes, ears, and soul, a rare gem that will stay in your heart forever. It was an official entry at the 1996 Film Academy Awards (Student Category), finalist at the 1996 Chicago International Children's Film Festival, winner of the 1996 Martin Scorsese Film Post Production Award, winner of the 1996 Warner Bros Pictures Film Production Award and winner of the 1996 Wasserman Award for Best Cinematography. Alexandre was also nominated in 1997 for the TASH Film Media Award, "for best promoting the inclusion of people with severe disabilities in all aspects of community life and reaching a national audience". Duo is now available on video (DVD & VHS) in limited edition. The DVD features Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround sound, French and Spanish subtitles, bonus footage, extra features, and information for people with Down syndrome who want to get involved in film and the arts."

- Amazon Editorial