Music in Duo

Music may be the most important part of Duo. It brings our two main characters together, and allows them to communicate, breaking the language barrier between them. For them, music speaks louder than words because it is purely emotional.

The music in Duo is mostly classical, with a few improvisations here and there. Violin prodigy and former soloist of the National Paris Orchestra Irene Ginnsz plays music by Beethoven, Sibelius, Paganini, and others, accompanied at the piano by Julliard School of Music student Stephanie Nowak.

Clips from the sountrack of Duo coming soon...

Irene Ginnsz (white dress) with the Paris Orchestra Pasdeloup
Irene also had the difficult task of teaching Eden the basics of violin in just a few hours, and working with her throughout the film shoot. The result is striking with accuracy not found in any other film about music.