Alex Ginnsz, Director

Alex Ginnsz, the director of Duo, was Born in Suresnes, France on April 16, 1975. Alex moved to Washington DC, USA on April 16, 1987. In 1992, at 17, Alex became a permanent resident in the United States and moved to New York to study film at New York University's famous Tisch School of the Arts.

alex ginnsz, eden riegel, and stephane ginnsz in the movie Duo

During his stay at NYU, Alex made 6 short films and several documentaries. 3 years later, at the age of 20, Alex completed what he considers to be his first film, his thesis film "Duo" and graduated from NYU. He had also written the final draft of the feature film version of Duo, which was picked up by a famous talent agent in New York who represented the writers of Cocoon and The English Patient, to name a few. The screenplay was sent to several movie studios, including Disney which showed the most interest in it. Meanwhile, Alex was working hard editing Duo and doing all the post-production to try and meet the deadline of NYU's First Run film festival, for which Duo was already a favorite.


"Almos" (2008)
Animated Film/Painting
AG Productions

"Starving Artist" by Butta' & Kenny Diaz (2002)
Pop Music Video, Post Production Director
Hashboy Entertainment / AG Productions

"Channel No 2" by Modern Yesterday (1998)
Rock Music Video, Producer/Director/Editor
AG Productions / MCA Records / Jireh Records

"Living With AIDS" (1998)
Documentary, Producer/Director/Editor
Worldnet TV - USIA

"CVI: Children Vaccine Innitiative" (1997)
Documentary, Producer/Director/Editor
Worldnet TV - USIA

"Duo" (1996)
Narrative Film, Writer/Producer/Director/Editor
AG Productions / AG Distribution