Kosala Dullewa: Dancer w/ Down Syndrome

A Special Performance by a Special Child (with Down Syndrome)

Kosala Dullewa dancer with Down syndrome
Kosala Dullewa, a boy of 14 years afflicted with Down Syndrome, for the first time in the history of this country staged a "one man show" of oriental dancing in January of 2004 at the BMICH. Kosala displayed his inborn ability to perform Bharatha Natyam to the delight of all those present. The proceeds of the entire show was channelled to fund the setting up of the "Diri Daru Piyasa", a centre to assist special children.
The primary goal of the centre is to help and encourage special children and also to unearth their hidden talents like singing, dancing and other artistic abilities. Diri Daru Piyasa which started in March soon after the show has 100 special students today who are trained under the loving care and guidance of veteran artist Miranda Hemalatha and her staff. Kosala's performance has ignited the imagination and the enthusiasm of many parents of special children. Though the response has been very encouraging the centre is run with the minimum of facilities for trainers and students. Diriya Narthana - 2 is repeated by popular request to uphold the special cause of Diri Daru Piyasa.